Mussolini - coming to power

How mussolini came to power, the steps and analysis.

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October 1922 Mussolini is made Prime Minister

November 1922 Vote of confidence

December 1922 Grand council founded

January 1923 Militia founded

February 1923 Nationalists join

July 1923 Acerbo Law

April 1924 New elections

May 1924 Matteotti crisis

January 1925 Addresses parliament

December 1925 Law on Powers of the Head of Government

November 1926 - January 1927 Exceptional decrees

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Appointed Prime Minister

In October 1922, after giving a rousing speech to Italian fascists focused on 'taking on Rome' and 'becoming the government', Benito Mussolini was made Prime Minister of Italy by King Victor Emmanuel.

The speech that he had made sparked great enthusisam in his supporters which lead to them threatening a "March on Rome", Squadristi violence, and civil unrest.

It is argued that the threat of civil unrest was part of the reason why the king made Mussolini Prime Minister. The king was of the opinion that he should not take an active role in polititcs, and that the Prime Minister would inform him of any important details.

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Vote of Confidence

In November 1922 the government wins a vote of confidence, and gains emergency powers to reform tax and administration systems.

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