Edexel Mussolini 

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Problems Of Italy

Problems of the south -> very poor

                                                -> 4/5 could not read or write
                                                ->Disease and early death common
                                                -> people often

Political problems -> Kingdom of Italy a democracy

 -> Elections and parliament -> corrupt and inefficient.
 ->few had the right to vote -> elections rigged by government
 ->MPs fought with each other -> government bribed them
 ->few Italians had confidence in the system -> felt unsafe

Problem of the pope -> Before unification ruled large area of central Italy, papal states-> land taken
                                ->disliked government, banned Catholics from participating

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Italy In WW1

->Italy declared war on Germany and Austria April 1915 -> couldn’t resist off in Treaty of London -> Italy promised Tyrol, Istria, Dalmatia and other islands in Mediterranean sea -> pleasing nationalists 

->Italians defeated Battle of Caporetto 1917

->Mussolini -> in favour of joining war -> opportunist -> the war could get him power and support ->encouraging people to go to war, he had control.

 Mutilated victory -> Though Italy was on the winning side of the war, they did not get all the land they were promised and social reforms were not as big as hoped. -> got Tyrol and Istria.

->Cost of war very high -> 600 000 Italians, 148 million lire in 3 years, double that in 53 years during unification. -> inflation ->wages losing value ->trade ruined by war -> unemployment
->Italians believed their suffering would be rewarded -> government made promises to soldiers -> give land to peasants, jobs to cities, pensions for families of the dead, and medical treatment.
->Young soldiers could not get jobs -> no skills to offer -> long delays in getting pensions.
->Arditti -> Italy’s heros without jobs or rewards.

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Problems In Italy (2)

Economic problems ->On the surface Italy prosperous ->eg. Fiat                     

->Italy was very poor -> mainly agriculturists

 -> frequent fighting between wages and working conditions
 ->Discontent and violence in towns and cities  -> as industry grew -> so did the slums -> workers joined political parties such as socialists who promised better
 ->Many Italians emigrated to America

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