Muslim quotes from Qur'an

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Allah sees all that ye do

And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: and whatever good ye send forth for your souls before you, ye shall find it with Allah: for Allah sees well all that ye do. Surah 2:110

If you pray a lot and regularly give money to charity, whatever good you do for other people in life, Allah will notice it and that's where you'll find it.

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Alms are for the poor and the needy, and those employed to administer the (funds); for those whose hearts have been (recently) reconciled (to the Truth); for those in ******* and in debt; in the cause of Allah; and for the wayfarer. Surah 9:60

Charity is for the poor and needy, and those who are employed to manage the funds; for those whose hearts have recently accepted that this is the truth; for those in debt; because of Allah.

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Giving money to Charity

There is a man who goves charity and he conceals it so much that his left hand does not know what his right hand spends. Hadith

When you give money to charity, you should try to hide it as much as possible.

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Lending money

That which ye layout for increase through the poverty of (other) people, will have no increase with Allah. Surah 30:39

The lender should not benefit from lending money to those in poverty, because if they do, it will not help their relationship with Allah.

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Be sympathetic to debtors

If the debtor is in a difficulty, grant him time till it is easy for him to repay. But if ye remit it by way of charity, that is best for you if ye only knew. Surah 2:280

If someone owes money and they are struggling to pay it back, you should allow them to wait until they are in a better situation before they need to pay it back. However, if you choose to help them by way of charity, it's better for you if you're the only person who knows.

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Satan's plan is (but) to excite enmity and hatred between you, with intoxicants and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of Allah, and from prayer: wil ye not then abstain? Surah 5:91                                                                                          Satan's plan (chief evil spirit) is to tempt you into hatred between you and others, using alcoholic beverages, drugs and gambling, to interrupt your remembrance of Allah, but with prayer, you will be able to resist it.

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Being Generous

The generous man is near God, near Paradise, near man and far form Hell, and the ingnorant man who is generous is dearer to God than a worshipper who is miserly. Hadith

If you are generous, you will be close to God and Paradise, and far away from Hell; if you are generous and ignorant, it is better than praying regularly but never giving to charity.

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Allah has created everything

But Allah has created you and your handiwork! Surah 37:96

Don't seek for thanks and pride from anyone else over something you have achieved because Allah has created you and therefore created your handiwork.

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Don't show off your wealth

And do not eat up your property among yourselves for vanities, nor use it as bait for the judges, with intent thsat ye may eat up wrongfully and knowingliy a little of (other) people's property. Surah 2:188

Don't use your money just for yourself so that you ca show off, or use it as bait for people to judge you, when you know that you might worngfully use a little of other people's money.

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