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Key Signatures (

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Relative Minor (

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circle of 5ths

Circle of 5ths (

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Major ( ( ( (

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Root Position Triad

Root Position Triad

If the triad root is in the lowest voice then the triad is in Root Position.

Root (

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1st Inversion Triad

1st Inversion Triad

If the third of the triad is in the lowest voice the triad is the 1st inversion.

1st Inversion (

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2nd Inversion Triad

2nd Inversion Triad

If the 5th of the triad is in the lowest voice, the triad is in the 2nd inversion.

2nd Inversion (

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Largo Very slow Larghetto Not as slow as largo Adagio Slow, leisurely Lento Slow Moderato Moderate Andante Moving with a moderate tempo Andantino Faster than andante Allegretto A little slower than allegro Allegro Moderately fast Vivace Lively, animated, brisk Presto Fast, rapid Prestissimo Very rapidly

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Pianissimo Very soft Piano Soft Mezzo piano Moderately soft Mezzo forte Moderately loud Forte Loud Fortissimo Very loud Crescendo Increasing in loudness Decrescendo decreasing in loudness Diminuendo diminishing in loudness Rinforzando sudden increase in loudness Sforzando play the note with sudden emphasis

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Amoroso tender and affectionate Animato animated; lively Calando gradually softer and slower Cantabile in a singing style Con Anima with life and animation Con Brio with vigor and spirit Con Fuoco with energy or passion Deciso decisively Detache detached Dolce sweetly Doloroso sorrowfully Espressivo expressively Furioso furious Giocoso humorous Grandioso with grandeur Grazioso gracefully

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Legato smooth and connected Leggiero lightly Maestoso majestically Marcato marked and stressed Marzial in the style of a march Morendo dying away Perdendosi dying away Pesante heavy Religioso religious, solemn Rubato taken out of tempo Semplice simple Sempre always, continuously Sostenuto sustained Soto voce in an undertone Staccato short and detached Tenuto sustained, held for full value Tranquillo tranquill

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