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The Prodigy

There first track 'Charly' bought them to public attention. It was part of the ******** rave scene. It sampled iconic children's television characters.

The Prodigy's early music was in the rave genre.

Characteristics of the prodigy:

High tempo break beat

Dynamic, psychedelic syntesizer riffs

Exciting samples from a range of sources

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Daft Punk

House music - drum machines and synthesizers

Their first track was 'alive'. It was minimalistic and repetitiive. The harmony was simple, minor and consistent. 

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Sex Pistols

Ripped clothes, rubber, leather and glamorous stage wear.

Lead singer was 'Johnny Rotten'.

'Pretty Vacant' featured distorted guitars, rough and ready, agressive vocals, simple harmonic content

They caused trouble in as many places as possible.

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Siouxie and The Banshees

'Hong Kong garden' featured an exotic xylophone riff. Written against the racist skinheads who would hang around Siouxie's local Chinese takeaway. 

They were fitted into the 'gothic' scene. 

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