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Music Press- Codes and conventions of different genres

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Pop genre

Bright, Colourful masthead

High key lighting

Images with bands/ artist looking happy

Images- Direct mode of address, Usually a mid-shot

Bright colours

Layout- Cluttered (More content)

Language- Informal appeal to a low age group

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Rock Genre

Mainly edgy, dark and bold masthead

Low key lighting

Images- Direct address, Band/ artist represented as powerful

Dark colours (Red, black and White mainly)

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Classical Genre

Masthead-  (font)Easy on the eye

Colour scheme- Pale/Pastel colours

Image- Depends on magazine (Shot type)

Layout- Sophisticated - Quality compared to content

Foral tone and sophisticated

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Dance/Club Genre

Bright neon colour scheme

Masthead- Bright stand out accross the page

Images direct mode of address mainly

Shot type depends on whos being represented

Layout- Cluttered around edges but not too much info

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Rap Genre

Masthead bold and in san serif usually

Low key lighting

Image direct address

Mainly men shown- as intimidatiing and superior

Layout- Depends on Magazine and their ideologies

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