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Keywords for music listening exam

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Types of song

Lied - German song, solo voice with piano accompaniment

Aria - Long unaccompanied song for solo voice often in Opera/ Oratorio

Recitative - Dialogue in opera/oratorio (like ordinary speech) rhythm of normal speech and only on a few notes

Madrigal - Part song for several voices without instrumental accompaniment, usually about love

Alaap - Opening section of North Indian music. In free time and quite slow

Salsa - Cuba/Latin American

Raga - Indian (must have 5-7 notes, descending movement and sound pleasant)

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Fugal - Contrapuntal, a phrase is played by one part and then successively taken up by other sections

Antiphonal - Performed by an ensemble divided into two or more distinct groups

Contrapuntal -  Polyphonic

Cross rhythm - Contrasting rhythms

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Tierce de picardie - Piece in a minor key, ends on a major chord (Sounds like it will be A minor chord, ends with A major)

Microtonal - Bending note less than a semitone

Double stopping - Stringed instruments producing 2 notes simultaneously

Conjunct - Stepwise

Disjunct - Leaps

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Modal - Has a key sig but some odd notes, mixolodyian ect. Jazz

Diatonic - Has a key

Whole tone

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