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Leonard Bernstein - 'West Side Story'

1958             MUSICAL

Tonality:        D Major        Sec A = D and A Major       Sec B = C Major

Harmony:       Chromatic Chords

Instruments:   5 Woodwind        2 Horns      3 Trumpets      2 Trombones      4 Cellos        

                      2 Double Bass    Drum Kit     Piano              Guitar         Pizzicato on stringed

Texture:         HOMOphonic some POLYphonic                 Immitation

Melody:         Sequences           Repeated Rhythms            Wide intervals 

Dynamics:      Good Range = Creshendos and Diminuendos

Tempo:          176 BPM     FAST

Structure:       Intro    A    B    B1    A1    Outro

Rhythm:          Syncopation        3/4 and 2/4      Ostinatos and Cross Rhythms

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Steve Reich - 'Electric Counterpoint'

1987             MINIMALIST

Tonality:        E Minor             MODAL      C Minor <-> E Minor

Harmony:       C, B Minor and E5 Chords

Instruments:   1 Live Guitar      7 Pre Recorded GUITARS     2 Pre Recorded BASS

Texture:         POLYphonic       Counterpoint     Immitation    Note +ion and -ion      Canon

Melody:          Ositinatos          Resultant Melody

Dynamics:       Good Range       Guitars dropping in and out

Tempo:          MOLTO ALLEGRO  

Structure:       AB CODA

Rhythm:         3/2 to 12/8     Syncopation

Technology:  Recorded on CASSETTE     Panning      Mixed down to STEREO RECORDING 

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Schoenberg - 'Peripetie'

1909         EXPRESSIONIST

Tonality:    Atonal              Dissonant/Clashes


Instruments:  Timbre         Contrast and alternation       LARGE Post Romantic Orchestra        

        (Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion)   Strings - Tremalo        Brass - Muted at times

Texture:      POLYphonic + MONOphonic + HOMOphonic       Contrapuntal Textures

Melody:       Klangfarbenmelodie - Tone colour melody           Fragmented       Short Motifs

                  Haupstimme PRINCIPAL voice          Nebenstimme SECONDARY voice

Dynamics:   Sudden Contrasts      (fff -> pp)            

Tempo:       Very Quick    Frequent Changes         Rhythm:  No regular Beat

Structure:    Free Rondo    ABACA 

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