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British Folk Music

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British Folk Music Key features

Learnt by oral tradition (not written down)

Worksongs= Made up by workers to ease work + create a beat to work as a team. They are unaccompanied + use call and response

Lots are based on pentatonic scales- easier

Strophic= The tune stays the same each verse

Usually 4 bar phrases with an anacrusis

'Waulking' is part of clothmaking.              Rhythmic songs helped work.

NC= No chord

Celtic Fusion= Folk music combined with elements of pop music

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Skye Waulking Song from Nàdurra- Capercaillie

Capercaillie are a Celtic folk band from Scotland + Ireland. Nàdurra was released in 2000. Words taken from lament called ‘John, Son of the King of Ireland’.

Based on a pentatonic scale.             In 12/8.         Strophic structure.      Frequent syncopation.

Fiddle, uilleann pipes, accordian, bouzouki (string instrument), bass guitar, drum kit, synthesizer +  wulitzer piano.     All played in middle range + vocal line in low register.

Polyphonic texture + Fade-out ending.     The first chord is a cluster chord.   Syllabic.

Introduction: Instrumental then voice enters.     Hi-hat creates cross- rhythms.   In G major.   Diatonic.

Verse 1: Voice + accompaniment. Simple beat, Calm + quiet, Focus is on voice

Verse 2:  Voice + accompaniment with instrumental break. Drums + bass added (rhythm section), Louder, harmonised backing vocals

Coda: Short vocal phrases, accompaniment dies out

2 main verses + 2 inserts/seisds (response). Seisds are vocables (nonsense syllables)

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