Music AOS3 Set work 2

Rock Music

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Rock Music Key features

Started in 1950s.                    Used electric instruments.

Distortion= Distortion of notes

Feedback used deliberately

Reverb= Echoes

Power chords= Tonic and fifth of chord

Developed in 1970s:

  • longer
  • told stories
  • musicians expressed themselves through the music

About controversial topics

Used fusion- Folk Rock

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Grace from the album Grace- Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley was American. He only did 1 studio album- died in a river accident.  Folk-rock feel.

Released in 1994.    Other songs on album are Hallelujah + Lilac Wine

Wide vocal range- falsetto used.  EQ used on vocals in final verse. Vibrato, glissandos + scoops (portamentos) used.   Word painting used.  Mainly syllabic, some melismas.          

In 12/8 (unusual). Guitar parts overdubbed- thicker texture. Distortion + flanging on guitars in coda.

Voice, 2 electric guitars (in 'drop D'), synthesizer (modulation used), acoustic guitar (written in tab), bass guitar, strings, drum kit (snare drum accents backbeats- 2+4)

More instruments added during song to increase volume + texture (thick at end)

Verse-chorus structure with bridge.          Vocalisation (wordless singing) in bridge.

Mainly in E minor- only clear from half way through 1st verse.    Frequent syncopation in vocal line.

Chromatic chords which move in parallel motion + dissonant chords used 

Unusual chord progressions (not 1-4-5).   Synthesizer + strings drop in and out.  

Cross rhythms created through 2 against 3.    Crotchet = 64 bpm

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