Music AOS2 Set work 2


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Minimalism Key Features

1960s and 1970s

Metamorphosis= changes the shape of a loop

Phase shifting + Layering

Made using tape recorders + Multitrack recording


Diatonic harmony


Metrical displacement= Same motif but each part starts in different parts of the bar

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3rd movement from Electric Counterpoint- Steve Rei

Steve Reich is American. Written in 1987.

For 7 electric guitars, 2 electric bass guitars + live solo guitar part

Should be performed by 1 guitarist- parts are pre-recorded + overdubbed

Crotchet= 192 'Fast'.                    In 3/2 but sometimes 12/8- polymetre.

Syncopated quaver motif ostinato- repetitive.                      Polyphonic.                No cadences.

4 parts have canon riff.       Addition is used.      Hexatonic scales used (6 notes).

In E minor. Changes to C minor near end- Diatonic.           Contrapuntal texture.

Static harmony (the chords don't change very often).                 Dynamic stays constant throughoput.

Climaxes at end: Fortissimo, time signature + key changes frequently

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