Music AOS1 Set work 3

Romantic Music

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Romantic Music Key Features


Feelings + nature inspired composers. Painted pictures + told stories with music

Wide range of dynamics ppp-fff               DRAMATIC + EMOTIONAL

Used sforzandos + accents                      Rubato used- expressive

Chromatic harmony + Extended chords (9ths etc) create dissonance

Extended orchestras used

Piano used a LOT

Virtuostic- many cadenzas

Programme music= Descriptive music

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Prelude No.15 in Db Major (Raindrop)- Chopin

Chopin was Polish.            To be played in a small room.            Legato.           Wide range of dynamics.

In 4/4.   In ternary form.   Septuplets + Dectuplet used.    Dominant pedal.

Section A: Lyrical melody, Acciaccatura, Db major, Sostenuto + piano, Heavy use of                                                  pedal, Continuos Ab quavers (the raindrops), Turn used (written out), Goes                                              through Bb minor (relative)

Section B: C sharp minor (enharmonic tonic), Melody in left hand, G sharp 'raindrops' marked sotto                       voce, 'Raindrops' doubled in 8ves, Crescs to ff + accents, Some modulation to G sharp minor                  + F sharp minor

Section A1 (shorter): Db major, Chromatic turn, Smorzando (dying away)

Coda: No 'raindrops' for 2 bars (monophonic)

Bar 81 (final 2 bars): Pianissimo + ritenuto. Ends with perfect cadence.

Rubato used.            Homophonic texture.           Dotted rhythms.              Some chromatisism.

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