Music AOS1 Set Work 1

Baroque Music

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Baroque Music Key features


Terraced Dynamics

Highly ornamented.    Trills start on note above

Secular= non-religious

Treble= Boy soprano

Mainly Diatonic- No chromatics, major or minor

Movements keep to the same affection (mood)

Contrapuntal/Counterpoint= Polyphonic

Continuo= Continuous bass

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And The Glory of The Lord- Handel

Written in 1741 while Handel was living in London and is first chorus of Messiah (an oratorio)

SATB choir, strings, and harpsichord (cello + harpsichord have bass continuo)

4 Motifs                Canon used            Ends with Plagal Cadence

Basso continuo played throughout by harpsichord

A major, modulates to E twice (dominant) and B once (supertonic).        It is diatonic.

Homophonic texture (some parts are polyphonic)

Allegro until last 4 bars which are adagio

In 3/4 but sometimes feels like 2/4- Hemiolas

Imitation is used (the same melody overlapped).              Starts with ritornello.

1st phrase: syllabic         2nd phrase: descending sequence + melismatic (revealed)

3rd phrase: repetition     4th phrase: pedal on A

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