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Grime (sub-genre of dance music)


BPM- 140

Origin- Early 2000s / East-London

Key Artists- Dizzee Rascal / Wiley

Notable Features-

  • Development of UK garage
  • Dark bass-lines
  • Very low sub-bass
  • Minimal style drum beats
  • Use of grime MCs and rappers
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Trance (sub-genre of dance music)


BPM- 135-155

Origin- 1990s - Germany

Key Artists- Armin Van Burren / DJ Tiesto / Kay-D

Notable Features-

  • Faster than house music
  • Use of synthesisers
  • A kick drum is usually placed on every downbeat
  • A regular open hi-hat is often placed on the upbeat
  • Build or climax are often foreshadowed by lengthy snare rolls
  • Rapid arpeggios and minor scales 
  • Often use one centural "hook", or melody which runs through almost the entire song
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Trip-Hop (sub-genre of dance music)


BPM- 90-110

Origin- Bristol / 90s

Key Artists- Tricky / Massive Attack / Port is Head / Morcheeba

Notable Features-

  • Down-tempo electronic music that grew out of England's hip-hop and house scenes
  • Breakbeats
  • State following the use of drugs
  • Deep and gloomy
  • Murmering and low pitched singing
  • Relies on Jazz samples
  • Sample Rhodes pianos / sax / trumpet / and flutes
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Dubstep (sub-genre of dance music)


BPM- 138-142

Origin- Late 1990s / South London

Key Artists- Chase and Status / Skrillex / Plastician / Skream and Benga

Notable Features- 

  • Generally instrumental
  • Sounds quite dark
  • Use of minor keys and dissonant harmonies
  • Use of samples
  • Sparse rhythms
  • Heavy use of sub-bass
  • Rhythms often syncopated
  • Clap or snare every 3rd beat of the bar
  • Wobble bass - manipulated by an LFO
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Garage (sub-genre of dance music)


BPM- 138-143

Origin- 1990S / UK

Key Artists- Dizzee Rascal / So Solid Crew / Artful Dodger 

Notable Features- 

  • Decendent of house music
  • 'Chopped up' and time-shifted or pitch-shifted vocal samples
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Acid House (sub-genre of dance music)


BPM- 110-128

Origin- Mid 1980s / Chicago - USA

Key Artists- Bomb Da Bass

Notable Features-

  • Repetitive 
  • Hypnotic
  • Often with samples or spoken lines instead of lyrics
  • Lines
  • Use of 303 drum machine squelch sounds
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Drum n Bass (sub-genre of dance music)


BPM- 160-180

Origin- Mid 1990s / UK

Key Artists- EZ Rollers / Shy FX

Notable Features-

  • Fast break-beats
  • Syncopated break-beats
  • Heavy bass and sub-bass lines
  • Bass lines are often subjected to varied effects (including compression, flanger, chorus, overdrive, and equalization)
  • The most common break-beat is the 'Amen' sample
  • Features drops; the point in a track where a switch of rhythm or bass-line occurs
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Jungle (sub-genre of dance music)


BPM- 155-180

Origin- Mid 1990s / Bristol and London

Key Artists- Goldie / DJ Hype

Notable Features-

  • Influences from genres including / reggae / dub / dancehall
  • Debate as to whether jungle is a separate genre from drum n bass
  • Use of  break-beats
  • Slow and deep bass lines
  • Simple melodies (reminiscent of those found in dub, reggae and dancehalls)
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