The muscles and their groups

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Musles and their areas

Deltoids- The muscles on the outside of your shoulders

Biceps- The muscles that are on the inside of your upper arm

Gluteus maximus- Your ***

Latissimus dorsi-You lower  back muscles

Abdominals-Your stomach muscles

Quadriceps- Your thigh muscles

Gastrocnemius- Your calf muscle

Trapezius- The muscles on the back of your neck

Pectorals- Your upper chest area

Triceps- The muscle on your top half of your arm (on the back)

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Britains Got More Talent Biceps, Gluteus Maximus and Tricep.

Laura Always Gets Told off: Latissimus Dorsi, Abdominals, Gastrocnemius, Trapizus.

Quiz's on Portugal: Quads, Pectorals


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