Muscle Structure

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Muscle Structure

Skeletal Muscle - The muscle that causes our bodies to move, also called striated muscle

Myofibril - Part of muscle fibre, contains sarcomeres & the contractile proteins actin & myosin

Sarcoplasmic Reticulum - Forms a network of channels that spread out over the surface of the myofibrils & acts as a store of Ca+ that when released initiate muscle contraction

Sarcoplasm - The liquid interior of a muscle fibre

A Band - The dark band in a myofibril

I Band - The light band in a myofibril

H Zone - The lighter region in the centre of the A band 

Z Line - The darker region in the centre of the I band

Sarcomere - the repeating unit of a myofibril, goes from 1 Z Line to the other

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