muscle groups

they describe the 11 major muscle groups in your body.

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The muscles on the front of the body.

1. deitoids- function, moves the arm in all directions, the location is around the shoulder.

2. Biceps- function, flex the arm at the elbow the location of the biceps  is the top of the arm.

3. abdominals- flex, the trunk across the stomach.

4. pectoral- adduct he arm at the shoulder, location is the chest.

5. quadriceps- large muscles on the front of the leg.

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the muscles at the back of the body.

6.Triceps- extend the arm at the elbow, the location is below the bicep.

7. Gluteals- adduct and extend the leg at the hip, the location is by your bottom.

8. Gastoameius- pointing the toes, help flex the knee, the location is the calf.

9. Tramezuis- hold the shoulders in place move the head back, location is

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