Murder case facts.


Re A

Twin girls born joined together, had to seperate them out of necessity leading to the death of one twin, held as lawful.

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Self-Defence: Shot and killed a burglar in the back after leaving D's farmhouse, appealed on the basis of paranoid personality disorder. Held that the sentence would be reduced to voluntary manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility, CoA rejected the appeal.

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Gibbins and Proctor

Omission: D's deliberately held 7 year old and starved her to death. Held that both D's were liable for murder by omission. Gibbins had an automatic duty as father, and Proctor voluntarily took responsibility.

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Attorney General's Reference (No.3 of 1994)

Human Being: D stabbed his pregnant girlfriend causing her to give birth prematurely. Baby died at 4 months old. Held that the HoL stated that violence towards the foetus leading to death can amount to murder.

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Malcherek and Steel

Human Being: Both V's life-support machines switched off by doctors, held that the V's were already brain dead and doctors didn't cause the death.

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