Munitions 1880-1918


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Munitions 1880-1918

New factories opened to produce planes, weapons and ammuntion, many women began to work in these.

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Munitions 1980-1918

  • WSPU organised a march ' right to serve' July 1915
  •  Lloyd G, £1.500 to pankhurst to organise propaganda to get women to work



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Munitions 1880-1918

July 1915 Government organised a WAR REGISTER for 16-65 yr olds to see who was eligible for war work

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Munitions 1880-1918

Very dangerous and unpleasant but women gave up jobs as domestic servants for the wages in factories

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Munitions 1880-1918.

conscription 1916, more women needed, first time women began to be recruited into armed services. 5 million women were working before WW1, by the end of it 6 million women were paid in work

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