Munich Putsch & The Nazi Party

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When and Why?

It happened in November 1923.

It happened because the conditions were very poor due to hyperinflation, so the government were very unpopular. This means the Nazis would get more support, so more chance to overthrow them.

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What Happened?

Hitler and 600 Nazis tried to force Gustav Von Kahr to join. General Ludendorff came to the beer hall and convinced Kahr to support the Putsch.

They overestimated the loyalty of the army and were ambushed, but Hitler escaped, however he was later caught.

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Why did it fail?

Because Kahr changed his mind and alerted the police.

The Nazis marched into the centre and were blocked by armed police and soldiers. Hitler escaped by car, but was later caught and arrested.

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Why was it a Disaster? (For the Nazis)

Hitler was arrested.

Hitler overestimated the amount of support they would get from the army.

16 Nazis died.

Ludendorff and other Nazi leaders were arrested.

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Why was it not a Disaster? (For the Nazis)

Hitler used the trial to put forward his ideas.

Trial made him a national and international figure.

He wrote a book called Mein Kampf and dedicated it to the Nazis who died in the putsch with made it more notorious.

He made the front page of many newspapers.

Hitler went from low level extremist to a recognised figure.

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Huuuge lack of information and explains extremely vaguely what the Munich putch is, literally doesn’t even say what it is hahah

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