M.U.N. Clarifications

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  • Avoid using personal pronouns
  • Use "This Delegate" or "The Delegate"
  • Don't argue with the speaker- use questions to illustrate your points
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Types of Amendments

  • Change- change the wording or the detail of a clause
  • Add- add a new clause to a resolution
  • Strike- remove a clause from a resolution 
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Types of Questions

  • Point of Clarification- ask the speaker to define the terms used in the resolution or amendment. 
  • Point of Information- ask the speaker a question about the proposed policy. This may be a friendly qustion that allows the speaker to highlight a key point, or a hostile question that shows a weakness in the speaker's plan. 
  • Point of Personal Privilege- can be used at anytime and interrupt a speaker. They are personal questions, such as "Can I go to the bathroom?" or "Can you turn down the AC?"
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