Multinational Corporation Case Study = Nokia

Case Study For A MNC

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Where Is Nokia

Headquarters are beased in Finland

Has around  101,000 employees across 120 countries

Sales in more than 150 countries

 Annual revenues of around €30 billion 

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Jobs Provided In Chenai India

Based in Chenai, India

Provides 30,000 jobs in factories

70% of thoose employed are women aged 18-24, many are let go before child bearing age so they do not have pay maternity leave

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Why locate factories in India?

Nokia locates in the LIC India as tax, labour and factory costs are low

 India has cheap labour costs so workers do not get fair pay meaning they're unable to support families so children cannot get a good education

Manufacturing abroad means its cheaper for consumers

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Employment Worldwide

It employees 112,000 people worldwide and has sales offices in 150 countries

Employs 2000 people in the UK at 3 sites, 2 of which are close to Cambridge and the 3rd in the M4 corridor

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Local Impacts of Lcation

  • Pollution caused by the factories - lower standard of regulation
  • Jobs for local people
  • Local people can learn new skills
  • Development of local infrastructure
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National Impacts

  • Development of mineral wealth
  • New energy projects such as dams built
  • Large-scale pollution in lakes and rivers
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Regional Impacts

  • By manufacturing in Europe Nokia can avoid having to pay tariffs in the EU
  • Improve the quality of life of people living in the region
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