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"princes jester"

"Oh god that i were a man! I would eat his heart in the market place"

"I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me"

"Oh on my soul, my cousin is belied!"

"I yield upon great persuasion and partly to save your life, for i was told, you were in consumption"

"Kill claudio"

Shakespeare sets up the dynamic characterization between Beatrice and Hero as complete opposites to emphasise each characters role in the play. Furthermore, Hero is a typical and ideal Elizabethean women as she is submissive and silent therefore this further enlightens the character of Beatrice as independent and witty to the extent where Beatrice completley overshadows Hero and shows her off as a character that would be quite shocking and exceedng the expectations of women.

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"Devise some honest slanders....To stain my cousin with"-It is signiificant that this is a moment when no men are present or Beatrice as she cannot offer the contrast.

"Oh god defend me, how am i a beset!" 

"and surley as i live, I am a maid"

"God give me joy to wear it, for my heart is exceeding heavyy"

"Hero" the name Hero was taken from greek mythology where she was the archetypal innovent and beautiful young women who could not live without her love interest. Shakespeare gave her a symbolic, sacrifical role we never see much depth to her character although she is the focus of the drama.

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"a professed tyrant to their sex"

"Lady disdain"

"My lady tounge"

"she speaks poniards and every word stabs"

"Loved of all the ladies"

"Hang me in a bottle like a cat and shoot at me"

"pick out mine eyes with a ballad-markers pen."

"I do love nothing in the qorld so well as you, is not that strange"

Shakespeare depicts Benedick as older, more intellegent and more emotionally mature than Claudio, so when he challanges Claudio to a duel it has a real dramatic impact.He is also very senseive but witty. 

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"can the world buy such a jewel?"

(Reason he loves Hero is for her looks and business)

"Let every eye negotiate for itself"

"Hath Leonato any son, my lord?"

"Silence is the perfectest heard of joy"

"She knows the heat of a luxurious bead"

"You are more intemperemant in your blood than venus"

"Give not this rotten orange to your friend"

"where i should wed ,there will i shame her"

All of this slander to a young woman who the audience know is innocent makes claudio look like a villan. "yet sinned i not, but mistaking" 

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"thou will never get thee a husband if thou be so shrewdof thy tounge"

"Grieved I, I had but one"

"Myself would...strike at thy life"

"A victory is twice itself when the achiever brings home full numbers."-shows caring and sensitive side

"Signor Benedick, no; for then were you a child." This is to say that he doesn't doubt that Hero is his child because Benedick was not around to seduce Leonato's wife.

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Dogberry and Verges

Dogberry demands "writ down an ***"

"you shall comprehend all vagrom men"

"masters,remember that i am an ***"

These two clowns are created by shakespeare as an image of authority that is laughable. However despite the comic incompetance of the watch, it is the watch not the supposibly intellgent and rich who discover the plot to disgrace Hero. Shakespeare did not have this happen by accident but another layer in comlexity around the idea od deception as these foolish characters find out the truth whiles their"betters" are taken in by the apperance.

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