Movement- Early Human Migration

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Mitochondrial Eve

Cann, Stoneking and Wilson (1987)
-Tiny part of DNA inherited through mothers and daughters comes from African ancestors
-Dates back to around 200,000 years ago
-Supports the 'Out of Africa Model'

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Out of Africa model

-Homo-erectus in East Asia/ Indonesia survived but also evolved into homo hiedelbergensis in Europe
-Then underwent evolutionary split- North of Mederteranian into Neanderthals and South (Africa) into homo sapiens.
-Homo sapiens leave Africa, spread into Asia/ Europe where they replaced other humans with little or no interbreeding  

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Multiregional model

Thorne and Wolpoff
-Modern humans evolved more or less at the same time in all major regions of the Old World.
-Emergence of homo sapiens not restricted to one direction, occurred throughout geographical range where humans lived.
-Relies on fossil evidence.

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Assimilation model

-Proposes that first modern humans evolved in Africa, then migrated into other regions.
-Did not simply replace existing humans populations, rather they interbred to a limited degree with late archaic humans resulting in Hybrid populations.
-Gradual spread of evolution
-Evolutionary establishment of modern feautures was a blending process rather than rapid replacement.

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