Mount Pinatubo

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Location and Background

Location: The Philippines, South East Asia - on the plate Pacific-Eurasian boundary

Type of Margin: Destructive

Type of Volcano: Composite

Main Hazards: Ash Cloud, Tephra, Lava and Pyroclastic Flow, Landslides

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  • 850 people killed - largely by collapsing buildings
  • 1.2million homes were destroyed
  • Bridges, Roads and commercial buildings were destroyed
  • 650,000 people lost their source of income due to destruction of farmland, cattle and crops
  • Manila airport closed
  • Global temperature decreased by 0.5dc
  • $700million in damagesd
  • Lahars caused soil erosion
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Monitoring and Precautions

  • Intense mointering after the 7.8 earthquake 
  • Measuring magma levels
  • USGS monitoring and satelite imaging
  • Minor evacuation after earthquakes
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  • Evacues stayed indoors
  • Temporary shelters for 1.2 million displaced people
  • Evacuation and risk areas were extended for the safety of survivors
  • $1.5million was donated in international aid in addition to medical and technical aid
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New Strategy

Trying to set up a permanent, long term monitoring system

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