Motion in Physics

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Distance-Time Graphs

The slope on a distance-time graph represents speed.

  • Distance is measured in metres
  • Time is measured in seconds
  • Speed is measured in metres per second

Speed = distance travelled / time taken

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Velocity-Time Graphs

The slope on the line of a velocity-time graph represents accereration.

  • Braking reduces the velocity of a vehicle

When the line's slop is zero, the acceleration is zero.

The area under the line on a velocity-time graph represents distance travelled.

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Using Graphs

Distance-Time Graphs:

  • For an object moving at constant speed, the distance-time graph is a straight line.
  • To find the slope, draw a triangle under the line .
  • The height of the triangle represents the distance travelled
  • The base of the triangle represents the time taken

Slope of the line = height of triangle/ base of triangle

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