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  • speed is measured in m/s
  • speed = distance divided by time
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Distance time graphs

  • Y- axis is the distance travelled
  • X- axis is the time
  • the steeper the line, the greater the speed
  • when an object is stationary, the line is horizontal
  • distance in one direction is positive, and negative is in the other direction
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Velocity time graphs

  • the velocity of an object is its speed in a particular direction
  • when an object is moving with a constant velocity, the line is horizontal
  • the steeper the line, the more rapidly the velocity is changing
  • the line sloping down represents an object that's steadily slowing down
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  • acceleration = change in velocity divided by the time taken
  • V-U = AxT
  • V is the final velocity
  • U is the initial velocity
  • measured in m/s squared
  • acceleration is how quickly the velocity is changing
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  • divide the change in the vertical axis by the change in the horizontal axis
  • on a distance time graph is represents the speed of an object
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