Mother Any Distance - Simon Armitage

Breaking down each poem into bite sized chunks to jog your memory :)

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Mother Any Distance

Mother Any Distance is about Simon and his mother. It describes how she was always looking after him, and in some way was still attached. One day the relationship has to break.

'Any distance greater than a single span' is a metaphor for his mother to help him.

'Anchor' and 'Kite' are metaphors for him and his mum. Somehow they are both still attached to each other.

Where it says 'I space walk' shows that his mum keeps him on the floor / space is scary / exciting / no direction etc.

When it says 'something has to give' shows that he needs to let go of his close relationship to be free

The last line shows that he doesn't know if he will succeed or fail without her.

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Thanks for the help!! The colored writing made it very entertaining when learning about the poem! :) 



Thats okay :) Glad it helped you!! :D

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