Mother any distance



By simon armitage 

From sons perspective 

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Direct adress

"mother"direct adress implies a personal poem emphasising the strong  family bonding 

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point 2

"base"she is the base like a space mission the part that holds it together somwhere he feels safe and keeps running smoothly 

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point 3


keeps a boat secure like how she keeps him secure 

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point 4

"your fingertips still pinch/the last one hundreth of an inch"

minicule amount still clutches implying desperation to keep hold of him however 'pinch' is a negative conntotation 

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point 5

"acres of walls,the prairies of the floors"

metaphoric choices of 'acres'and prairies' links to the natural world but exxageration  of task at hand reflects the persona feels daunted

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point 6

"zero-end"mother  holding measuring tape at the 'zero-end'refers to his birth 

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