Morocco to Spain

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  • Migration
    • Movement of people from one area to another
  • Refugee
    • A person who has been forced to leave due to war or natural disasters
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Push Factors

  • lack of basic amenities
  • corrupted government
  • low minimum wage
  • severely affected by famine and drought
  • 20% are university graduates 
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Positive Impacts - African Countries

  • Remittances are sent back from workers in Spain
    • African economy flourishes and people have a better quality of living
    • £3 billion sent back in remmitance in 2003
  • More jobs freed up
    • 670,000 migrants
  • in Dakar, Senegal, 375 members in a women's society who are offered work if their sons/husbands die migrating
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Negative Impacts - African Countries

  • Families become dependant on remmitance, therefore not encouraged to get a job and earn a steady income
    • Morocco is the 4th largest receiver of remmitances
  • Many deaths caused by migrants travelling therefore families separated and population and birth rate decreases in Morocco
    • 15,000 deaths in total and 6469 lost at sea
  • People of working age migrate, leaving old and very young people
    • high dependancy ratio
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Positive Impacts - Spain

  • more unskilled workers fill the gaps in labour market and African workers perform jobs at lower wages
    • unemployment in migrants 50% and constantly decreasing as more jobs become available
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Negative Impacts - Spain

  • Racial tensions increase
    • more riots and crime rates increase having a negative effect on locals and migrants
    • in 2004 terrorist attacks took place against Morrocon people in retaliation to a woman being stabbed by a Morrocon
  • social tension between immigrants and Spaniards as during the recession, unemployment risen to 21.5%
  • wages increasing by less, 2007-8 rise of 5%, 2008-9 rise by 3%
  • Increase in population 
    • between 7-8 million immigrants living in the EU
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