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Iago Prytherch - Thomas

- Remenisces over poems about Iago
- Welsh hill farmer who experiences difficulties of rural existence against bleak and forbidding landscapes of Wales
- Regretful of how he has treated him

- Natural imagery to create a sad and mournul tone "on a cloud's edge" distance from humanity
- Directly addresses Iago "no one will tell you how I made fun of you"
- Tone of admiration of ignorance or resentment for mocking him

- Few common poetic devices, simple language
- Lack of sense fo rhythm or structure - focus on message and memories of Iago
- Metaphor "from the world's eye" emphasises Iago's safety from scrutiny of critics
- Use of questions "fun? pity? no word can describe my true feelings" poet admitting he can't explain what he means = down to earth

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Photograph of Haymaker 1890 - Holden

- focus on one central character - no name
- based on a photo
- wonder and beauty of nature and cycle of life

- nostalgic and calming - simple language
- "moving" conveying action or emotion?
second stanza = mournful tone of nature dying
- "died before his blade" = violent language = contrasting and sinister mood

- Each regular stanza has a different theme, different component of photo
- warm imagery "summer's sun" emphasizes beauty of rural setting
- Third stanza focusses on hay but explores theme of human mortality
- But mood positive, describes wonder of the cycle of life
- Ends on "moon-daisies" celebration of nature

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