Moral evil and natural evil


Moral evil and natural evil

-Everyone is born with Fitrah, the natural instinct to know the difference between right and wrong

-Allah ordered all Jinn's and angels to bow down to Adam, the first human.

-A Jinn called Iblis refused, saying that he would forever tempt humans

-Although he can tempt humans, he can't hurt them due to him not being equal to Allah

-Life on Earth is a huge test of whether humans can withstand temptation

-People must resist temptations and find their own solutions

-deeds committed will be judged before they are allowed to enter the afterlife 

-Allah will forgive anyone who sincerely repents their evil deeds

-Everyone should try to follow ideas of justice,mercy and forgiveness in treatment of others as it is important for eing rewarded in another life

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Good can come from suffering

-Allah has a purpose for everything, including suffering

-some muslims believe Good can come out of suffering->it can help people cope with future suffering and makes a person strongr anjd better able to deal with challenges

-suffering cna bring about a positive outcome such as childbirth.

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