Montserrat Volcano

These revision cards are on the volcano that erupted in Montserrat which is an LEDC.

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Main Facts

  • After the eruption in July 1995, only minor eruptions occurred. No major volcanic activity took place until 25 June1997. Then a large part of the dome collapsed, exploding material 9000m into the sky and sending a major pyroclastic flow (rivers of hot gas, ash, mud and rock) to the north east. The airport (only one on the island) was almost reached.
  • 19 people died, 7 villages and 175 homes were destroyed.
  • Years after the start of the volcanic activity the hazard still continues. The Islands population which was 11,000 is down to 4,000.
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Effects on human activity/ environment

  • 80% of building have been destroyed by fire and ash.
  • Ash, mud, rock and hot gases swept down mountain side.
  • Airport had been destroyed
  • 19 people were killed.
  • Villages were destroyed.
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Additional detail

In July 1995, after nearly 400 years of being dormant, the volcano on Montserrat became active again. Located on a destructive plate boundary, where the Atlantic and Caribbean plates meet, this island forms part of an island arc in the West Indies. It is a sparsely populated LEDC.

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