Montserrat- LIC


General information

  • Island arc formed due to the Alantic plate subductind beneath the Caribbean plate
  • Most of the island here where formed due to violent eruptions
  • Rich volcanonic soil, so tropical vegetation and cash crops such as cotton can be grown here
  • Built of volcanic rock
  • It is 16km long and 10km wide
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The Eruption

  • July 1995 Chances Peak began erupting ash
  • Scientists began montioring gasses, microquakes and changes in the volcanoes shape
  • One month later the entire south of the population was evacuated to the north to live in church and school halls
  • April 1995, the entire population of plymouth was evacuated
  • July 1997 Chances Peak catrosphically erupted 
  • Five million cubic meters of rock and ash flew down the sides
  • the south was covered in pyroclastic flows of hot mud, rock and ash
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Effects of Eruption

  • 19 killed in fires due to pyroclastic flows
  • burn and inhailation injuries
  • 2/3 of buildings flattened by ash and mud 
  • 3/4 of farmland lost 
  • More than half of the 11,000 population was evacuated to the USA, UK or Antiguia
  • Feb, 2010, Chances Peak erupted 15km of ash 
  • 10% of the lave dome collapsed leading to more pyroclastic flows and ash fall
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Immediate Responses

  • Observatory was set up
  • Red Cross provided temporary shelter, food, water snd medical care
  • Warning systems where set up with speaker systems, sirens and via the media
  • The US military and Bitish Navy helped with the evacuation process
  • £17 million was set up to provide temporary housing and water purifacition systems by the UK
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Long-term Responses

  • 3 year re-development programe set up by the UK for housing, infrastructure, medical services,arigculture and schools
  • Top heavy population as the younger generations saw no economic future
  • In 2005 people started to move back to the south of the island
  • Vegetation is starting to re-grow as lava and ash breakdown
  • Fertile soil means crops can be grown there
  • New airports, hotels and a dive shop have opened in hopes the tourists will return
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