Montserrat Eruption 1997

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Montserrat Eruption


located in Caribbean, economy is largely based on farming and tourism

There had been minor eruptions of dust and ash in 1995 as well as small EQs, before the Volcano had been dormant for 300 years

What happened:

Subduction zone caused by S.American and N.American plates subducting under the Caribbean plate.

June 1997- series of eruptions on the island

Pyroclastic flows occured and lahars were created.


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  • 9 deaths
  • The only airport and port were closed
  • Resources moved North- $37 million in costs
  • 12,000 left island since 1995
  • September 1997- Plymouth was burned to the ground and has since been abandoned
  • Destroyed vegetation
  • Lahars
  • Damage to economy through damage to tourism and farmland
  • Loss of homes
  • unemployment rose to above 50%
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Evactuation (11,000)

Abandonment of Plymouth

British Govt. supplied aid and money for redevelopement and compensation claims ($75mn) 

Exclusion zone set up

volcanic observatory built to monitor the volcano

New roads/aiport built

Services in North of island expanded

Eventual growth in tourism- promotes 'volcano tours'

islanders offered $2,500 to move permanenlty to UK 

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