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Causes of the erruption

It was  DESTRUCTIVE PLATE boundary.

The northern american plate (oceanic) subducted under the carabein plate 

It melted and molten rock seeped through the surface

Forms a volcanoe 

Phyroclastic flows formed and so did ash clouds 

Ash and rock fell from the clouds 2-3mm fell onto the ground.

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When was it?

25th june 


1:00 pm

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Effects on the people

Sirens went off 

People who were in the exclution zone (evacuated from the eruption in 1995) coudnt hear the sirens so didnt manage to evavuate.

7 people died

19 killed from strong winds 

6 died from trying to find shelter 

7,000 evacuated 

7,000 left from being worried that the erruption would happen again. 

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Effects on Transport

cut off from travel 

destroyed Bramble airport 

burnt tyers on cars 

no one could be on the road because of the black cloud 

cruse ships and tour buses lost money due to loss of tourists

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Effects on the environment

Rivers got blocked and flooded 

crops and vegitation were flattened by phyroclatic flow

4 squared meters was covered in deposits 

5 million cubic meters was deposited like ash and rock from the ash cloud 

phyroclastic flow filled valleys 

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long-term responses and results


  • An exclusion zone was set up in the volcanic region.
  • A volcanic observatory was built to monitor the volcano.
  • New roads and a new airport were built.
  • Services in the north of the island were expanded.
  • The presence of the dormant volcano resulted in a growth in tourism.
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