this is P4  for the exam . these are the keys notes you must know of by heart for  the exam.  please read  in car before bed etc.

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describe how to charge an insulating material by rubbing it with a cloth?

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electrons will be scrapped off one and  dumpedonto the other

 this leaves a postive  static charge on one

and leaves a negative static charge on the other.

electrons are transfered depending on   the two materials

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state the two types of charge postive and negative  charges repel  and the oppsite charges attract

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charges repel  and the opposite charges attract

 two this with opposite electric charges are attracted to each other.

two things with the same electric charge will repel from each other.

 these forces get weaker the further apart they get.

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state and recognise that the transfer of electrons cause electrostatic effects?

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the transfer of electrons  cause electrostatic effects.

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