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Fitness And Blood Pressure!

What is the difference between being Fit and Healthy?

When is Blood Pressure the highest and the lowest? And what are the terms for this?

What are the factors that contribute to High Blood Pressure?

What is caused by High and Low Blood Pressure?


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Answers for Fitness And Blood Pressure

The difference between being fit and healthy is that; Fit means a measure of how well you can perform physical tasks! And being Healthy means being free of any infections or diseases!

Blood pressure is at it's highest when the heart contracts this is systolic pressure, and Blood Pressure is at it's lowest when the heart relaxes this is the diastolic pressure.

Factors that contribute to high blood pressure; Age, A diet with too much salt, Being overweight, Drinking too much alcohol, Being under lots of stress for a long time, Not doing enough exercise.

Causes of High Blood Pressure; Leds to the bursting of veins which inturn leads to Strokes, Brain and Kidney Damage. Low Blood Pressure; Poor circulation, tissues don't get food and oxgen needed, if brain doesn't get enough food and oxgen leads to dizziness and then fainting

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