Bacteria and viruses


Protection against Disease

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Bacteria and Viruses

Structure and Function of Bacteria: - cell wall, cell membrane, nuclear zone, ribosomes, mesosomes, flagella, plasmids, capsule.

Nutrition and Binary fission: - Bacteria obtain thier food from sunlight, inoragnic substnces or from inorganic substances.

Bacterial Disease: - Pathogenicity factors affecting it - features of cell wall and capsule that affect attachment and entry to host cells. Exotoxins and endotoxins produced by bacteria Infectivity salmonella food posioning and typhoid fever ivasivness abilty of bacteria to spread within the host cell.

Transmission :- Food bourne and water bourne infection, salmonella food poisoning and E.coli.

Precautions avoid contamination of food and water

Human carriers treatment diarrhoea.

Viral Diseases: - Structural features of viruses, influenza and HIV

Transmission - infections AIDS, replication of HIV

Cause Disease by damaging the host cell due to vial replication.

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