Module 1 - Cells

The production of a protein.

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Protein synthesis

  • The instructions to make the hormone are in the DNA in the nucleus.
  • The specific instruction to make the hormone is known as the gene for that hormone. A gene is on a chromosome.
  • The nucleus copies the instructions in the DNA into a molecule called mRNA.
  • The mRNA molecule leaves the nucleus through a nuclear pore and attaches to a ribosome. In this case, the ribosome is attached to rough ER.
  • The ribosome reads the instructions and uses the codes to assemble the hormone (protein).
  • The assembled protein inside the rough ER is pinched off in a vesicle and transported to the Golgi apparatus.
  • The Golgi apparatus packages the protein and may also modify it so that it is ready for release. The protein is now packaged into a vesicle and moved to the cell surface membrane, where it is secreted outside.
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