Models of Prevention



The Theory of Reasoned Action TRA

This model was proposed by Azjen (1975) and says we can predict a persons behaviour by looking at their 'intention'. It says that their intention is catergorised by two things, Their personal beliefs and opinions of a behaviour and societies view on that behaviour.

The model sufferes from cultural bias, it wa deveoped in the US which is an individualistic culture so it may only apply to more western cultures.

It is felt a line needs to be drawn between a persons intention and their expectation as through examining these could produce very different outcomes.

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Theory of Planned Behaviour TPB

This model is an extension of the TRA as it says that our behaviour is under conscious control and also includes our perceived behavioural control which is basically how much we feel we are in control of our behaviour. The more control somebody feels they have the more likely they are to succeed and the higher perceived behavioural control the harder someone will try not to fail.

It has been criticised for being too rational as it doesn't take into account things like emotions and irrational thoughts.

There is a lot of supporting evidence in the way a behaviour can be predicted through examining the percieved behavioural control, subjective norms and behavioural attitude.

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