Models of memory

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Multi-Store Model

Atkinson and Shifrin


  • sensory memory-evidence from sperling
  • STM-limited capacity and duration, mainly acoustic encoding
  • LTM-unlimited capacity and encoding, mainly semantic encoding


  • attention and maintenance rehearsal
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strengths and limitation of MSM


  • Strong evidence to support claims for duration, capacity and encoding
  • includes details of structure and processes
  • has stimulated a lot of research which leads to increased understanding of memory
  • Evidence for the three stores-primacy and recency effect, and sperling


  • oversimplified
  • STM doesnt function as a unitary store-KF could process visual but not verbal information.
  • LTM is not a unitary store- semantic episodic and procedural memories
  • processing more important than maintenance rehearsal
  • STM is not independent of LTM-ruchkin words and pseudo words
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The Working Memory Model

Baddeley and Hitch 

  • Explains why you can do two tasks at the same time but not similar tasks
  • Central executive-task allocation, small capacity
  • phonological loop-phonological store and articulatory control process, maintenence rehearsal
  • VisuoSpatial sketchpad-visual cache and inner scribe
  • Episodic Buffer-general store that integrates info from other stores
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strengths and limitation of WMM


  • explains word length effect
  • Explains the memory deficits of KF
  • Emphasises process rather than structure
  • Maintenence rehearsal is only an optional process
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