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What is 'Mobility'?

- Spatial (but does include social too)

- 'The Mobilities Paradigm' - Suggests social science has ignored mobility...

- The 5 interdependent mobilities: Corporeal travel, physcial movement, imaginative travel, virtual and communicative travel. Motivations include 'push and pull' effects. Can include people, objects and information.

Leisure Mobilities: Tourism

- Voluntary movement for leisure, an escape? How free is it?

- 'Comfortable' - relaxing? Are patterns followed through package holidays?

Poverty Tourism - Reality? ('Reality Tours', Mumbai) Educational? Increasing fascination with slums...

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What is migration? One way? - Social construct, duration, permanance, motivations, legality??? The boundaries between categories are porous...

Refugees - fears of being persecuted --> Move towards term 'displaced person', recognition of factors leading to displacement, devlopment itself can displace people.

- 43.7m displaced persons globally, 15.4m refugees

- Syrian Civil War

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• About why, how and the experiences of the movement

‘it is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end’ (Ursula LeGuin, 1969)

• Connects into political, economic and cultural debates

• Completes our exploration of society-space relations

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