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Stages of Mitosis

  • List the stages of Mitosis:
  • Pirates Mug and Take
  • Early Prophase
  • Late Prophase
  • Metaphase
  • Anaphase
  • Telophase
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  • Describe Early Prophase and Late Prophase: (include diagrams)
  • Early Prophase-Chromosomes shorten and thicken (supercoil) become visible as chromatids held together by the centromere. Centrioles move to opposite poles.
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  • Late Prophase-Nucleus disappears. Nuclear enevelope breaks down.
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Describe Metaphase:

Metaphase-Each centriole reaches the pole. Chromosomes line up across the equator of the spindle: they are attached by their centromeres to the spindle.


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Describe Anaphase:

Anaphase-Each chromosome splits at the centromere the sister chromatids are pulled apart. Chromatids move to opposite poles centromeres 1st.


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Describe Telophase:

Telophase-Chromatids (now chromosomes) reach poles of cell, uncoiling to form chromatin again. Spindle fibres disintegrate and centrioles replicate, nuclear envelope reforms around chromosomes and nucleoli reappear. Leads into cell division. (CYTOKINESIS)


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Used for: results in increase in cell numbers-growth, repair, replacement of cells, asexual reproduction

Where: Animal's growth whole body, in plants meristem cells. Replacement of cells in skin and gut.

Mitosis Definition: Process of nuclear division where 2 genetically identical nuclei are formed from 1 parent cell nucleus. Its followed by cell division.

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