Miscellaneous Causes:

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Diabetes Type 1 Causes:

  • Caused  when the pancreas doesn't produce insulin
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Cells in the pancreas which produce insulin are wrongfuly targeted and killed off by specific antibodies created by the body's immune system.
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Diabetes Type 2 Causes:

  • linked to obesity - genetics
  • caused when body doesn't produce enough insulin
  • or when body is unable to effectively use the insulin being produced
  • glucose stays in blood instead of being used as energy
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Asthma Causes:

  • exposure to tobacco as a child
  • mother smoked during pregnancy
  • premature birth amd needed a ventilator
  • low birth weight of less than 2kg
  • family history of asthma
  • having another allergic reaction e.g. food allergy
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Obesity Causes:

  • consuming too many calories
  • eating a poor diet
  • too big portion sizes
  • lack of physical activity
  • certain medical conditions e.g. underactive thyroid gland
  • certain medicines can contribute to weight gain e.g medicines used to trat epilepsy, diabetes and schizophrenia
  • weight gain is a side effect of stopping smoking
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