Minerals and Water

Minerals and water



An adequate amount of supply of minerals is essential for good health. Minerals are used in building the body and controling how it works.

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 CALCIUM - the source comes form dairy products, green vegetables and plus bones in canned fish

The function is to keep strong bones and teeth and causes blood clotting

If there is too little it cause certain side effects such as rickets, weak teeth, muscle and nerve problems.

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The source comes from all plant and animal cells.

the function is to provide strong teeht and bones, energy released fro the food

If we eat too much of this vitamin it can cause a poor muscle tone and also tetany.

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Mainly found in most fish, most manufactured food, monosodium glutamate.

The function of salt is too provide a right water balance plus for nerve and muscle activity.

If there is too little it can cause muscle cramps.

If there is an excess amount of salt it can lead to a raise in blood pressure, heart disease or maybe even a stroke.

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 This minerals is found in some types of toothpaste, seafood and water.

It is used to protect teeth and therefore if there is too little it will lead to tooth decay and if there is too much it can lead to brown spots on teeth.

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Found in meat, cocoa, dried fruit and green leafy vegetables.

The function of it is to transport energy around the body.

If there is too little it can lead to aneamia, however if there is too much it can lead to liver damage.

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