Military actions

1568 and 1572

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Alva defeated William on two occasions: 1568 and 1572

In 1568, William attempted to drive the unpopular Duke of Alva from Brussels. He did not see this as an act of treason against the King (Philip II), but as an option for reconciliation with the Spanish King.

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  • 1572 Attempted five pronged attack but failed
  • In 1572, the rebels captured Brill and the rebellion resurged.
  • When the revolt broke out once more in 1572 William moved his court back to the Netherlands, to Delft in Holland, as the ancestral lands of Orange in Breda remained occupied by the Spanish. Delft remained William's base of operations until his assassination by Balthasar Gérard in 1584.
  • 1572 Sea Beggars kicked out of English ports by Elizabeth I
  • William controlled some Sea Beggars but they easily got out of hand
  • Holland & Zealand taken over so Spanish trading route became compromised
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