Milgrams- Conclusions

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Milgrams- Conclusions

Milgrams 13 conclusions were:
-  People obey authority because of the situation they are in, not because they're 'evil people'.

- Pps obeyed because the study was done in a prestiguous univeristy (Yale) which provided authority. 

- Pps obeyed because it appeared that the experimenter knew what he was doing and had a worthy purpose that they did not want to disrupt.

- Pps believed that the allocation of 'teacher' & 'learner' was random, so the learner cannot complain.

- Pps obeyed because they had been paid, thus felt obliged.

- Pps obeyed because they were assured that the shocks were 'painful but not dangerous' therefore discomfort was only temporary.

- Pps tension arose from the conflict of wanting to obey but not wanting to hurt the 'learner'.

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