Milgram - Context and Aims


Chimps could show begging behaviour using their hands which they also used to show manipulatory and mechanical problems.

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Milgram - Context and Aims

Obedience can be defined as changing our behaviour in response to direct orders from a perceived authority figure or the rules and laws of society. 

Context people were horrified when they discovered the happenings of the Nazis in WWII. Seemingly ordinary people had murdered 6 million Jews.

Many believed the happenings occurred due to the fact that 'GERMANS ARE DIFFERENT' and have an authoritarian personality type who were hostile to those they perceived as being inferior to themselves.

AIMS to test the Germans are different hypothesis as Milgram believed the situation was to blame for the inhumane behaviour of the Nazis and that any group of people who are required to do something for an authority figure would. Aimed to create a situation that allowed him to measure the process of obedience even when the process required destructive behaviour.

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