Miles Davis- All Blues

Points to write for a ten mark question


Melody, Structure


  • The melody is simple and characterised by rising 6ths (from D to B)
  • Followed by four solos: -Trumpet solo made up of syncopated solos.       -Alto Saxophone solo                                             -Tenor Saxophone solo               -Piano solo


  • 'All Blues' is based on the 12 bar blues chord progression.
  • Introduction
  • Head 1
  • Solos for Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Piano
  • Head 2
  • Coda (solo for Muted Trumpet)
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Harmony and Tonality, Rythme, Instrumentation

Harmony and tonality

  • We can think of 'All Blues being in G major with a flattened 7th called ablue note.
  • This has Mixolydian influence so is referred to as Modal Jazz.


  • The tempo is Jazz Waltz and is in 6/4
  • It is performed with swing quavers.
  • Has frequent syncopation.


  • The snare drum is played with wire brushes at the start of the piece.
  • The bass plays pizzicato throughout the piece of music.
  • The trumpet is muted.
  • The piano plays tremolo at the start of the piece. Once the solos join in, the piano accompanies it with chords, this is called comping.
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